Bicycle Club

bicylersThe bicycle club meets each Wednesday, (during the winter months) at the back gate at 9 a.m. They ride their bicycles out the back gate up and down several of the back streets west of Braden Castle Park.

During the peak of the season there will be +- 35 bicyclers making this ride. The ride varies as to where they go and will generally take about 45 minutes. After returning from the ride most everyone goes to a local restaurant for breakfast. The diner where they go serves everyone the same meal at a fixed price of $5.00 per person.

An extra dollar is also collected which is used to purchase chicken and fixins, or pizza (which ever is decided upon by everyone) a couple of times during the season for the members to have a great luncheon.

During Castle days the members of the club will decorate bicycles and ride in the parade.

This past year (2011-12) there was a couple of special rides, one where they met with a local historian that took them to several local historical places in the immediate area and narrated about each. The second one was a ride to the Manatee Historical Site on Manatee Avenue and a tour of the site.