Welcome New Residents

       The Welcoming Committee is Pleased to Announce our           
                            Welcome New 
Residents Page!

We will only list new residents who permit us to tell a little about themselves and where they live in our community. This page is only viewable by BCP residents registered on our website.

2 Parkview
Vickie and Curtis chose our community to be closer to granddaughter Emmy, a delightful 2 year old. They like the history, wildlife, water, and friendliness Braden Castle offers. They are seasonal residents and spend the rest of their time at their home in Mexico.

103 Plaza
Karen and Randy have been working hard to make the house they purchased their dream home, adding their own flair. “We considered it a hobby, not work” toward our goal together. Every evening you can see them hand in hand strolling through the park for their exercise.