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The Library building serves several purposes:

  1.  The library section offers an extensive selection of paperback and hardcover books, DVDs, VHS videos, and puzzles available for anyone to use. There is no charge or sign-out log for these items. Just take what you would like and return when finished.
  2.  The puzzle area in the front sections of the building have large tables where residents can assemble various puzzles.
  3.  The center section of the building a sewing machine and a large table for reading and also a lounge area to relax and read or do puzzles.

All residents and/or guests MUST sign a Release and Waiver of Liability form prior to using this exercise equipment!  Click here for a copy of the form to complete and return to the office. 
  4. The rear section of the building has several exercise machines. A treadmill, weight machine, stationary bicycle, rowing machine, elliptical and free weights. There is also a TV in this area if watching TV is desired while exercising. area of the building has a sewing machine.

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